quinta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2009

One day in the life

I miss that smile...
I don’t know why – Yes, I do.
I wish to have it back – No, I don’t.
I caught myself feeling sad about this little, almost inexistent envy thought – Except that it is huge.

Does he think of me sometimes when he looks up? Does he know me? Does he exist?
Little have I lived of my night fantasies about perfect future, perfect days, perfect love. Once I cried of happiness... that was one of the trickiest things that ever happened to me. Was I happy about the eminent ending, was I sad about the colored feeling explosion... was I just stupid?
Things choose to happen or not. When will it be my time to happen?

I miss those butterflies in my stomach...
I don't know why - Yes, I do.
I wish to have them back - No, I don't.
I caught myself smiling to a memory almost lost - Except that I never really let it go.

Let the sunshine... let the sunshine in, the sunshine in...
Here comes the voice in my head again, singing as if the world was a song. Sometimes I don't know if I want to feel happy or sad. This smiley melancholy is a friend of mine.

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