segunda-feira, 29 de junho de 2009

Sundae, bluddy sundae!

Music is back. It comes with water sometimes. Right now, I can feel some kind of pointed edge and bright colors mixing like fluid in the air. Than it changes to something dry… like jumping on sand. Like screaming in silence. Suddenly my body is no longer still. I feel the flow inside my chest, like eating something hot and with a soft taste of salt and… cream, some kind of.
As the songs change, my mind gets carried on. I missed the feeling.
Meanwhile, my paper is incomplete here and I am listening to the songs with closed eyes. How irresponsible am I?

Today I feel a little twisted. My therapy is getting on my nerves… maybe because I keep doing the same old crap over and over again. But I guess that’s the most human part of me (or maybe not).
The semester is almost over now. Just one more paper to go (this one that I should be doing now), and things at work are heading to the end also. The responsibilities ease a little bit, but I’m still with a lot in my mind to worry about. Well, that’s me, right?
Just heard (or read) some irritating news. But, like always, I’m gonna have to chose here. I even think that the choice is already made.
Still having to live with uncomfortable thoughts and wishes. Whatever.
What matters right now is just the song playing. Seriously, do watch Elizabethtown if you haven’t yet!

►Little noises are the most disturbing ones!