quinta-feira, 6 de agosto de 2009

Coming next: Superman and the father of Psychoanalysis!

Well, I can like vanish for some days – ok, months – but I’m still alive and, most importantly, finding things to be concerned about! What can I say, that’s just me.
Quick update… therapy is going painfully well, I guess. Family is like always, but with a bit of bitter-sweet on it. Work is still both exiting and exhausting at the same time. Life has, once again, changed completely and yet my every day is still almost the same. Feelings have never been more confusing and conflicting. Movies have never been more touching (well, some of them). My house has never seen more dog excrement than now that Nietzsche, the Superman, and Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, have joined us (don’t be scared, it’s just the names that we, intellectual folks, gave to our new dogs: Nietzsche, the mongrel that was promised to be an authentic Griffon dog, but bought for no more than 60 reals, and Freud, the chow chow who is not so fond of human heat and baby talk, but surely does like to have a byte of all there is to be ruined in the house).
Life is, like always, and anguish and an excitement.
This semester, I think, is going to be really tough. Not only because of my job, but because of the several subjects I enrolled myself in and my internship at the hospital and my scholarship yet to be completed (or, if you will, restarted from scratch), and the dogs and the house construction here beside my house so my grandparents will live next to us, then there’s my grandparents, and all the money I still have to save so I’m able to travel (which is no longer happening this year, unfortunately, since I did myself the favor of crashing my car and having to pay for it, for my car isn’t, how should I say… secured).
Anyway… these last days I guess I’m just very grateful for the swine flu, which gave me one more week of vacation, very excited about this graduation party (Pedro’s) that I’m going tomorrow and kind of with a bad headache for watching Whose Line Is It Anyway and Friends the whole day. Think it’s time for some sleep, right?

►Praise my unique writing skills! Yeah… as if!