segunda-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2010


Fantasy is not just an interest of mine. It actually saves me from something seriously disturbing: nothing. Nothing is itself an invitation to anything. And nothing can be scarier than anything.

Well… my thoughts tend to go on if I don’t stop them. Today I had company. Three imaginary friends. When I realized I was talking to my empty car as if there were people there answering me back I thought “how far am I from madness?”.

I would like to learn how to sing (properly). I would like to meet people I admire and talk about life and other unimportant things. I would like to speak my mind when it’s needed. I would certainly like distances to be smaller!

And if I could choose someplace else to be right now, it would be London, definitely!

Half asleep, half full, half Jack... I am Jack's half of a thought.