sexta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2015

New kind of mess

A fact: never before was it so hard. Never before was it so great.
A gift and a fear.
Some people gone, some people come.
I open the doors so many times. I close them right after.
Maybe I could leave them open…
I pray.
I listen to a song. It tells me to trust.
How is it? Trusting?
I think it over… I may be thinking too much. I may be feeling too much…
I fear.
I fear and I fear.
Can I concentrate for the next one hour?
What is it I do when I write and talk about death?
Where’s my ground? It was just here…
Can this be? Can it happen? Can it change me?
Of course! It is already changing me.
Where do we go now…. Sweet child of mine?