quinta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2010

We may... or may not...

It’s been a while.

Since I became mortal, since the world came to be.

Since I’ve been in love. Since things were so damn complicated.

Now I see myself sitting, waiting. For something exciting. But somehow I feel like the excitement is actually on the waiting.

Now I start having these thoughts.

Growing is kinda hard.

But in some way, I enjoy this. Being uncertain. Expecting. Taking a chance at something.

It’s been a while now…

Could you come? Have a sit or whatever… I’d sure like the company. Or maybe I want more than that. But what do I actually want here?

I feel connected somehow. I feel something else.

I want to… I don’t know, have… be… see… know.

Are you still with me?

At all?

Could you just… verb?

Being alive is a lonely condition. We lonely stay together... it’s all part of existence, anyway.

Headache today…

Sometimes I just don’t want to make sense. I don’t always have to connect the strings!

And for now, I’m happy not being anyone.

I could say I’m a feeling… that something may… or may not… happen today!

►Do I sound like a crazy person to you...? oh well... things are the way they are!